Black Friday Haul

If you know me from the Philippines, you would agree that I am a total shopaholic, a sucker for sales. But ever since I started working here in Canada, I have not been on a major shopping trip for almost a year now. I have been saving money for a plane ticket to visit the PH. I was so proud of myself, for not maxing out my credit card, for having my credit card limit continually increased, for proving others who thought I could not save money wrong, and mostly for having the will to say no to shopping. It also helps that I rarely even go to the mall here, I’m talking about going at just once a month! Unbelievable I know, especially with the mall culture instilled within me from the PH. So there I was, happy with the money I was saving – money I worked hard for , balancing school and work and the harsh commute.

But for some reason, during the month of November, I caved into the temptation . St. Vitale Shopping Centre had a Behind Closed Doors sale wherein only those who paid $5 for a ticket can shop the extreme sales after the mall closed and all ticket sales proceeds will be given to charity. The sixth annual Behind Closed Doors event was a huge success and raised $42,500 for local charities! Click here to see the video.

And then, Black Friday came. I already planned to buy winter gear but when I woke up that day, I felt like I should just stay at home and enjoy my day off. So I went shopping online, and then just went to Polo Park the following Sunday.

I am now behind in my savings goals for summer 2016, I still hope I can save enough money for my trip to the PH. But everything I bought was so worth it!

So here is a rundown of what I bought online and in-stores,just to show you that if you look hard enough and just wait for sales, you can actually afford the things you’ve been eyeing on. On top of the sales, I use my Student Discount Card  to get up to $5-$10 off my entire purchase.

Forever 21 


I bought two sweaters and a toque in-store at F21 Polo Park on Black Friday weekend. The sweaters were originally $15-17 but were on 30% off plus the on-sale toque was only for $5! I added my Student Discount card and would you believe I only paid $21 for all these three items? IMG_3953

I planned to go out on black Friday but ended up online shopping instead. I bought skirts for only $8-$9 . Almost 80% of the skirts I own are from Forever 21 because they are so stretchable and comfortable to wear for work, and for the commute.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 8.10.05 PMScreen Shot 2015-12-08 at 8.10.30 PM



If there was one thing I would spend money on , it would be on winter essentials. So when I saw this parka in-store, I knew I had to buy it. I’m usually all for neutral colors but this bright red parka just caught my eye and not only is it pretty, it keeps me warm and cozy as well. So the parka went from $69.99 to $49.99, plus I also got to use my student discount card which took a few dollars off the entire purchase.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 8.13.49 PMIMG_3961IMG_3966



So I bought more winter essentials, this time, online from Garage. When I lived in Steinbach I really did not go anywhere except from home to work so I did not use scarves and toques, thus I donated most of my winter accessories last summer. But going to school here in Winnipeg plus commuting everyday means gearing up and keeping yourself very warm so I looked for durable yet very cute winter accessories. Below are the original and discounted prices. You can see that discounts range from $4-$26off the original price.

IMG_3968Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 8.10.44 PMScreen Shot 2015-12-08 at 8.10.57 PMIMG_3971


In-store at H&M, some $17 shoes were only for $7. And earrings that range from $7-$14 were only at $2 each! I grabbed so many to bring for my friends when I go back to the PH. Also, I have finally got myself a blanket scarf which I will feature soon in a separate post. I also got to use my student discount card on top of everything I bought.




I’ve always wanted to have brows that are on point but I never get it right! So for starters, I bought the Urban Decay brow tamer in clear. We will see how that goes.IMG_3978

American Eagle Outfitters – Aerie

Okay I won’t exactly post the actual photos but I am such a sucker for quality underwear. Compared to PH prices, underwear is expensive here, so when Aerie had a buy 10 for $32 online sale, I knew I had to buy right away. Below are the discounted prices.

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 12.08.16 AM


After all these purchases I gave my mom my credit card, telling her to keep it from me and never give it to me no matter how much I will beg for it… Well, until Boxing Day ;)


Above Zero

For a province known to have such cold winters, the past few days have actually been quite warm. I’m talking above zero temperatures on a December day! I was coming home from school today and melted snow was everywhere and you can even see the grass again on people’s front lawn. I immediately took advantage of the warm weather so I could have ootd shots taken. I know this kind of weather won’t last long so we should enjoy every last bit of it!


IMG_3907When you type “chambray top” on Pinterest, you will almost always see an outfit inspiration that consists of the chambray top paired with a black skirt , brown boots, and a fall colored scarf. So here is my take on a Pinterest favorite.



Also, with final exams coming soon, be sure to study extra hard and ace your courses. And remember, coffee is always a good idea.


today’s lactose-free Caramel Coretto no whip

from Second Cup (Edmonton)

God bless!!

Top | SM Department Store PH

Skirt | Taffie Shop PH

Purse | SM Department Store PH

Scarf | Stitches Warehouse CA

Boots |Stitches Warehouse CA


The start of winter

Winter: my least favourite season. Don’t get me wrong. I love the cold, I love playing in the snow, I love winter OOTDs but I absolutely dread having to walk in the icy sidewalks. But since I now live in MB, I have to embrace the fact that winter will always be a part of possibly half of my entire year. Thus, here is a Polyvore creation of what you basically need to survive the Manitoba winter:



In all honesty, my outfit here would make you freeze when temperatures hit below zero. Winter in the prairies requires you to wear a parka or a thick coat, mittens, a toque, and lots of layers. But underneath all that ugly winter accessories you have to wear outdoors, you can always dress up with summer dresses for when you are indoors.


As you can see, my boots, cardigan, and scarf are all from Stitches. Mainly because their warehouse downtown always has a $10 sale for everything inside the store. If you want affordable deals, you should definitely check their store out at the second floor of Portage Place.

Keep warm and have a great day!

Dress | Crissa PH

Boots | Stitches CA

Cardigan | Stitches CA

Scarf | Stitches CA

Purse | Parisian (SM Shoes & Bags) PH

Fall Essentials

It has been a year since my last post and a lot has happened during that time.

So to give a quick update: We went back to the Philippines over the summer due to the most heartbreaking news, moved to Winnipeg for school, officially transferred our church membership, and as for me, I’m slowly getting used to Manitoba’s weather! I am currently in college (again, I know) at the University of Manitoba, studying Psychology (YES. AGAIN) while working part time in a cafe in school and fulfilling my dream to learn how to make Starbucks drinks. I will try to be more active in my blog again.

Today’s post is about everyday fall essentials for university students.


My fall essentials include:

  1. Oversized cardigans/ leather jackets- If you take the bus to university like I do, keeping warm while waiting at the bus stop is of utmost importance so I layer on a lot of stuff. It gets so warm when you’re inside the bus, but you know the drill, better warm than freezing.
  2. Plain Tops/Neutral Skirts – PLAIN. NEUTRAL. COLORS. enough said
  3. Tights- Never wear your skirt without tights or leggings underneath. It helps keep me warm and covers my legs if my skirts are too short.
  4. A sturdy bag– The Herschel brand was all the craze back in CDO when they started selling them at the mall, but to my surprise, over here, it is every university student’s typical every day backpack. It is like the Canada version of Jansport which is the staple backpack back home. If you’re feeling fancy and don’t have to bring your textbooks, laptop, and your whole room to school, opt for a cute handbag instead.
  5. Scarves – Avoid being a victim of the flu season and keep that scarf on.
  6. Boots and booties– When else can you flaunt your boots other than the fall season? For great finds, Stitches at the Portage Place sells boots for $10/pair. Yes $10. All the boots I own including this one are only less than $10 and not a dollar more.

Fall is my favorite season, so I’m grabbing every opportunity to dress up before the long months of Manitoba winter creep in. Enjoy the lovely weather ! :)

fall 2015

IMG_3773 IMG_3774 fall 2015

Can’t believe I actually had the time to write a blog post when I have a paper due on midnight.

Here’s to a top-notch fall term!

Top | Bench PH

Skirt | Forever 21 CA

Boots | Stitches CA

Purse | Ninewest CA

Cardigan | Love & Liberty CA

Necklace | Robinson’s Dept Store PH

A Whole New World

My family and I recently got accepted to migrate to Canada and last October, we finally moved here. The whole journey has been surreal. For a long time we prayed to God to let us join our family here in Canada and now that we are here, we badly miss our family back home in the Philippines. Although I know that in a few months, we will be together here again, all because of God’s amazing goodness. I miss my friends, our church and family in Imbatug and in CDO, our relatives, and most especially my ever patient boyfriend who I hope and pray will be able to join me here in a few years .

The first thing I thought of after I learned about the news was all the fall outfits I could finally wear! So, the last few months before our move I was so busy shopping for cardigans thinking it would be enough to get me through fall, but when I got here, boy was I surprised. The clothes I bought were not enough to stand the cold Canada weather! And I thought I was very well prepared to face the cold! I mean the cold is bearable, it is the wind that drives me crazy. After I take my outfit pictures I usually add two more layers of jackets/coats just to keep me warm. Thankfully, a church here in Steinbach had a clothing drive for Thanksgiving thus I was able to have thrifted sweaters that are totally fashionable and warm at the same time. Here are a few outfits I wore for the month of October, everything was either bought on sale or given to me. Even fall fashion does not have to be expensive ;> My everyday outfits were inspired by Lauren Lambert of Modern Modesty and her November Style Challenge : #modmodfallchallenge

1. Beautiful in Burgundy

This is what I wore for the whole trip to Canada. Almost one wholde day of just sitting down on 3 planes and waiting at 3 airports! And you know how I have Aviophobia. Man, do I hate plane rides. The whole trip I was on the edge of my seat! Plus, it did not help that we passed by the biggest typhoon of 2014 as it made its way to Japan! But thankfully, we arrived safely . I told myself that I won’t be riding a plane for a year after all the turbulence I had to endure that day.

Modest Airport Fashion

Top | Mango (PH)

Skirt | The Lady Factory (PH)

Jacket | Cotton On (PH)

Shoes | Parisian (PH)

Scarf (gift) |  F & X (PH)

2. Mustard on a Monday

We strolled around Steinbach, a very small and peaceful city compared to Cagayan de Oro but it already felt like home.

The challenge for that day called for a Mustard colored piece. And mustard is all over Pinterest right now, so before I left CDO , I had a seamstress make me a mustard skirt for only php200 / $5 ! If there is one thing I will miss in the Ph, it would be the local seamstress! Maybe I should learn how to sew now that I am on my own. :( boo


Top | Bench (PH)

Skirt | local seamstress (PH)

Jacket | Cotton On (PH)

3. Leopard Lover

We had our first church service at Steinbach Baptist Church, and despite it being  really small church, the messages delivered were such a blessing ! God really used Pastor Millar’s life as I was spiritually refreshed throughout the services.

Leopard Skirt Statement Necklace Sweater

Top  | SM Ladies Wear (PH)

Skirt | Gaisano Mall (PH)

Shoes | Primadonna (PH) 50% off

Necklace | Robinsons Dept Store (PH)

4. Poised in Polka Dots

If mustard is my ultimate fashion color, then polka dots is my absolute favorite print. I just can’t have enough of polka dots! There are different kinds, small dots,medium dots, big dots, one must simply have all! haha

modest fall outfit modest fall outfit

Top | F & F (PH)

Skirt | Gaisano Mall

Scarf | SM Accessories (PH)

5. Maxi Monday

But I actually wore this on a Sunday. woops ahaha. The thing about this whole outfit is that I got everything on such a low low price. This jacket was initially 3250 pesos but it went on sale for 1750 pesos only so I grabbed my chance, however, when I paid at the counter, the cashier told me that the jacket was now only 1,200 pesos! I was so overjoyed I actually had enough money to buy another item from the store. A few days later I went on a shopping free at F & F because everything was on 70% off.

Journey to Modesty fall outfit


Top |Forever 21 (PH)

Skirt | @satisfashionetc (PH)

Jacket | F & F (PH)

6. Comfortable and Classy

A sweater + pencil skirt + boots + beanie = comfortable in my world. This sweater I got for free from a church clothing drive and this skirt from F21 was on sale, plus I saved a few dollars by buying my boots from the kid’s section. One of the perks of having a size 4 shoe size. size 4 shoe size. Redundant much.

Modest Fall Outfit

Modest Fall Outfit

Top | Thrifted (CA)

Skirt | Forever 21 (CA)

Boots | Walmart Children’s Section (CA)

Beanie | Baro’t Saya (PH)

7. Lovely Layers

The wind on this picture says it all. LAYER LAYER LAYER!

Modest Fall Outfit

Top | Thrifted (CA)

Skirt | SM Girls Teen Wear (PH)

Trench Coat | F & F (PH)

Boots | Walmart (CA)

Beanie | Forever 21 (CA)

Scarf | SM Accessories (PH)